11 November 2007

Alcohol Consumption May Cause Brilliance

Yet another piece of brilliance with a viral campaign, this time from Guinness.

Have a look at this commerical...

Here's a small list of some of the most memorable viral campaigns we've had in the past...
+ Victoria Bitter's Stubby Symphony Orchestra
+ Pure Blonde's Pure Gold
+ Carlton Draught's Big Ad
+ Heineken's Unchanged Since 1873
+ Victoria Bitter's The Tash
+ Carlton Draught's Flashbeer
+ Tooheys' Bottle Opener
+ Hahn's Love The Taste
And let's not forget the mountain of great campaigns for Bud Light and other international beers.

Why is it that the beer market is leading in viral marketing? Perhaps sampling your product during the brainstorming stage is the key to success.

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