03 March 2008

+ Guerrilla Virals

I love a good mashup or spoof, especially when it becomes more viral than the original. Rebel Virals works with just that, one of my favourite being a spoof on Sony's Bravia Paint spot. Here's the original...

And here's the spoof by Rebel Virals...

I particularly find Rebel Viral's definition of a "viral campaign" interesting, but even more so the idea that viral marketing can work in the B2B market, something I'd not considered before.


  1. Great viral mash, a bit of e-cultural hijacking. I think it would be time for a blog post explaining the change in name ;)

  2. These are however only good if you've seen the original ideas (if then even!). Smart idea but less good executed, it's a nice spoof something somewhat slightly entertained for the time being but nothing I would say would keep reminding me of it for a longer period of time.

  3. Good point Alex, however is it necessary to keep remembering it? Surely its only requires keeping your attention while you watch it and then follow up the website at the end?

    Thanks for the comment.


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