20 March 2008

+ Sexy Subliminal Logos

I've always had an interest in subliminal messages, particularly when it relates to advertising. Faris Yakob just posted a really interesting piece about the FedEx logo...

Look closely at the negative space between the E and the X. Something stand out now that it's been pointed out to you? Logo designer, Lindon Leader, says the arrow was designed to represent "a symbol for speed and precision".

It's not quite the same thing but here's something someone pointed out to me regarding the Virgin logo.

Apparently even virgins know that sex sells.


  1. How the hell did you find that!!!! good spot

  2. If you look at the dear's face on the Tooheys New label you will see a subliminaly imbeded SEX across its face.The E is right next to the nostril (easy enough to see)the X is the dark part that forms a cross in the inner right ear and the S is the ear on the left.So the S snd E are light and the X is dark.Take a look.

  3. Wow! i had no idea that was there thats crazy!!!

  4. rad. even facebook makes use of it http://socialpuma.com/social-networking/facebook-subliminal-messages/


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