28 May 2008

+ Citroen Doesn't Give Me Wings

Redbull are the new sponsors of some Citroen release. Today they attempted to run a bit of a joint event on campus. Free Redbull, Citroens on display, music and an Xbox to play with.

Redbull is a perfect brand to promote to university students. The Generation Y targeted product works particularly well with the Redbull Girls.

Citroen is not. Why would you attempt to sell cars to university students? I don't even buy they idea they were trying to "plant the seed". I actually groaned when I saw the sales man wearing a suit.


  1. What makes you think uni students don't buy cars? There's some fairly pricey cars around campus! Citroens aren't too expensive.

  2. Rick's right - maybe just trying to steal some market share from Honda? But I'm not sure how a Citroen would look with Hello Kitty figurines along the front windscreen, though! ;)

  3. Hello Kitty, would be classic!


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