07 May 2008

+ The Gruen Effect

Julian Cole told me about The Gruen Transfer, a series about advertising soon to appear on ABC.

Looks really interesting, particularly after they've released some "commercials" for fake products promoting the show like this one...

Particularly on a channel that does not run TVCs, they seem to have gained a few bit of attention. Even more interestingly, during the Logies every time Andrew Denton was shown he was holding a beer. Turns out he is the show's producer and I managed to capture some shots from the event...

Is that... Gruen beer?

For a brand that rarely advertises, the ABC does a fucking good job of marketing.


  1. ABC just kills it! When you put Triple J into that mix, I dont know how many other companies are marketing as well as them.

  2. @Peter
    I just noticed that section on the website, following the footsteps of Cadbury's Glass and a Half Full?

    That's fantastic. Is there some kind of a prize?

  3. Yeah, gotta love user-generated content! No prize, just a chance for it to be shown on TV.


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