20 May 2008

+ A Magazine That Should Know Better

This would probably work best as an open letter but I can't use that tool too often, which by the way proved itself successful.

Marketing Magazine...

You went away for a while and now you've returned better than ever. It was love at first sight. You had new features and attractions I had not seen in you before. I gave you my email and permission to use it. I trusted you.

But you sent me six emails already this month, despite the fact you provide RSS feeds that I could choose to subscribe to if I wanted.

Send me one more before June and I will terminate this relationship.


  1. As a representative from Marketing Magazine, I am sorry to hear this. My advice would be to unsubscribe to the email feed and stick to the RSS feed?

    Is this possible?

  2. Bahaha "As a representative from Marketing Magazine"... nice!

    I saw some discussion of this issue on the forums so hopefully they'll address this issue - they seem keen for feedback!

  3. @ Jules

    You almost make it sound like its mine fault... if I don't like it then I should just stop subscribing to it?

    @ Rick

    Yes, they look like they are trying to get some feedback on it. I guess it's a good start.


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