19 May 2008

+ The People's Chip

I love Hamish and Andy. And so do many others according to their ratings and podcast ranking. In fact I can't remember them falling outside the Top 3 Most Downloaded over the past year.

Over the last two weeks they've been in search of The People's Chip. It started as a simple phone topic about Light 'n' Tangy Chips (Which came first: The flavour or the name?) and one caller said she used to work as a chip flavour scientist. This raised the question, could Hamish and Andy develop their own flavoured chip?

Smith's jumped right on board. And for two weeks they've had a solid endorsement from a reliable and popular source. Even better, the idea originated from the consumer and even the selected flavour was the idea of a consumer. And so we have the invention of the Gravy Chip.

An excellent move by Smith's with a campaign that wouldn't have appeared in their marketing strategy a month ago.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Good on Smith's, what a great move to capture the moment. If only more brands could do this without all the paperwork that is usually associated with it.


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