28 May 2008

+ Whale Meat: Beef Of The Sea

First episode of The Gruen Transfer aired just now. Peter Wagstaff, Julian Cole and myself sat on Twitter during the show as a little experiment, adding an extra element to see their reactions. I only signed up on Twitter today but I'm already starting to see its potential.

Wasn't quite what I expected but interesting. This week's challenge was to sell a whale meat campaign. DDB used the quote in the title playing against the consumption of beef. While Jack Watts Currie played on the idea of an angry prawn on a BBQ and at the end of the spot there was a flash of a website. The website actually exists, I find that very cool.

Worth looking at, particularly if you're not studying marketing. I assume the ABC will podcast it.


  1. Yeah it was ok, their feature discussion was interesting, but everything else felt like left overs from Spics and Specs. I also hate the way a lot of ABC programs feel so scripted. Good News Week (when it was on ABC) go to a point where you could see the punch lines coming from miles away.

  2. Not bad, just a pity they used Will to dumb the content down so much. Interesting Tweeting while watching, and yes, it's available for catchup download already!

  3. I had a lightbulb moment last night. Ahhhh, So that is why they say men can’t multitask.

  4. Hey Zac.
    Nat from the Gen Y Marketing Podcast. Thanks for you feedback on the podcast.
    Agree with Peter's comment - it certainly was dumbed down a little (not sure if I like it yet). I guess it will take a little while for the format to find its feet.
    Anyway, great work on the blog - some good observations (and props for the regularity). Was that also you on the marketing today podcast?

  5. @ Peter

    While I do agree, you have to remember that the majority of people haven't invested their career in marketing and advertising.

    @ Nat

    Cheers for the comment and yeah I made an appearance on the podcast. Thanks mate.

  6. So, what's your twitter name, I'm sure you can guess mine ;)


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