12 May 2008

+ What Lies Beneath

Last post on the Logies, promise.

It's not often that Youtube lets me down. But this time, I can't find a single example of what I want to talk about so I'll have to describe it the best I can.

Basically, when an award is announced the winner arrives on stage and makes a quick thank you speech. During this, they often hold their trophy and move their arm up and down, almost raising their prize above their head. This year, I noticed the TV Week logo cleverly placed on the bottom of each trophy whereas previously I cannot remember seeing it there.

This sneaky addition placed their logo on screen at least ten times more that night. A clever way to integrate your brand and get some screen time.

Too bad the logo is such an eye sore.


  1. I really wish someone would start up a TV awards night that wasn't connected to that trashy magazine... then maybe worthy nominees (like Chris Lilley) would win, not trashy crap like Home and Away.

  2. I think the fact that it is such a bad logo is part of the reason that people can recognise it.


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