15 June 2008

+ In The Detail

The 2008 MADC Awards were held Friday night and the winner of Ad of the Year was this from Schweppes...

It is a visually stunning commercial. It even has a loose tie in to the brand, which apparently is all you need in this industry.

It shows us how beautifully we can see the world when we we slow down time. I'd now like to direct you to 0:58 in this commercial and watch the bubbles inside the glass. Anyone else see the jump in frames?

Ironically, when slowed down, this commercial isn't so beautiful.


  1. You are just being nit-picky now.
    That little bit of editing takes nothing away from the ad.

  2. Only one in a million would catch it. And me being one of them doesn't feel it takes away from the spot, but I can see the irony.

  3. Haha I had to watch it a few times to work out what you were talking about...

    Anyway that shot isn't even in the original ad which I posted on my blog :p

  4. I looked through some of the other versions of the spot and it ends with a different shot to finish. Perhaps this is why?

  5. You really do have too much time on your hands... isn't there an exam somewhere you should be preparing for?!?! ;)

  6. The burden of having an eye for detail?


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