11 July 2008

+ I Am Not Digitally Lethargic

Imagine my surprise when I'm lying in bed on a cold rainy night, flicking through July's edition of Marketing Magazine to see my name appear in print.

Alongside social media extraordinaire and good friend Julian Cole, Stanley Johnson throws a casual mention my way in The Youth of Today: Digitally Lethargic?, part of his Around the Blogosphere column.

It might not seem like much, especially to blog about, but as I read it, a light in my head clicked on and I realised this is the career and life I want.

Interestingly, Stan later goes on to talk about a remarkable attempt by a graduate to get a job. I too am currently planning and implementing an idea that will get me a position at an advertising agency. I doubt it will spread like Sam's, but it will get me noticed.

And within two months, I will be working at Leo Burnett Melbourne.

So cheers Stan, I think I owe you a beer or twelve.

1 comment:

  1. Generous chap that I am, I've just added a link to your name within the main text of the post.

    As for the beer, you have my email.


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