09 August 2008

+ It Is Not My Birthday

Further to my previous post on our reliance on social media, I conducted a small experiment of my own. Changing my birthday on Facebook to yesterday instead of September 9th, I was surprised at how many people gave me birthday wishes, on both Facebook and in person. Not only were these just my friends, but my Friends too.

Of all my friends and Friends, only a few questioned the date. Would things have been different a few years ago?


  1. Yes, pre-Facebook and Myspace, less people would have wished you a happy birthday, coz they probably wouldn't have known when it was.

  2. Great idea! Loved it mate!

    oh and


    happy birthday for the other day

  3. Interesting idea Zac, one which I can relate to...

    A while ago I decided to take most of my personal information down from my facebook profile page, including my relationship status, so I didn't have any information showing there anymore.

    Nevertheless, almost instantly I started getting questions from friends asking if I had broken up with my partner!! Spooky!

    For a while, I also had that I was engaged which I thought was so obviously a joke, but when I caught up with some friends who I hadn't seen in a while, they'd all taken it as the gospel truth!

    So now I find sarcasm doesn't have a place in facebook!


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