27 August 2008

+ Top 50 Australian Marketing Blogs

Julian Cole recently ranked the Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneer Blogs. Published in August's edition of Marketing Magazine, I was lucky enough to gain a ranking of 40th as well as the youngest blogger to appear in the Top 50.

One day, I'd love to crack the Top 25.


  1. Zac, great content and great blogging.

    I'll be back for more...

  2. That is just a matter of time before you crack the Top 25, the real question is will you crack the Top 10 by this time next year?

  3. YOu should be marketing your blog to try and move up the rankings...

  4. Your blog presents you are a smart young man who's not shy in coming forward. Your forthright nature and passion will see your blog become more and more popular. It will definitely play a part in landing you that all important first job.


    Keep on blogging once you've cracked a gig. Most of the RMIT kids who started blogs under my mentorship have left their blogs to wither and die since finding full time employment.

  5. @ Stan

    Thanks and don't worry, I'd be the last person to think that this blog is a short term strategy to secure me a job.

  6. One day you'll be number 1 buddy!


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