10 September 2008

Purple Cow


  1. I tend to disagree for I feel that in a clustered market, and one that is continually filling with more and more 'noise', if people do not have any contact with the product through communications, regardless of its quality (to a certain extent) then it will not be know and thus, not sell.

  2. @ Anonymous

    If the product is remarkable, that is it breaks through the noise, then there will be enough word of mouth will spread and sales will follow.

    Of course, you can't sum up everything perfectly with a graph. ;]

  3. This graph contains very little to do with 'remarkability', and hence, very little to do with Purple Cows.

  4. @ Rick

    I disagree. Quality is just one of the many things people can remark about. If quality is remarkable, it will spread.


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