12 November 2008

Big Shoes

Last week, Love Digital interviewed Seth Godin. This week they interviewed me. Cue the greatest anti climax of all time.

The interview was a follow up on a previous post about marketing education.

I've decided part of my degree should teach people how to handle interviews without sounding like too much of a knob.


  1. You sound a bit like John Saffran. Only not funny ;-)

  2. Nice Zac! Get the word out there.. make education 2.0 a reality.
    As a note to what you said in the interview, it's funny, but none of my friends blog even though many understand its value.
    I cannot understate what an added value this has given my education and the doors it has opened!

  3. @ Stan

    Umm, thank you? =P

    @ Morgan

    Me too. Starting a blog was one of the best things I did, and not just career wise.

  4. listening right now sir.
    David painted you as someone who knows stuff. Who would have thought, apparently you can polish a turd!
    nice work.

  5. The interview was great and, as a fellow student, I know exactly where you were coming from. I once mentioned social media in one of my marketing classes and the lecturer just looked at me, confused. I am annoyed with the out of date education system, it is preparing future marketing grads for the old way of doing things.

  6. Zac, where's the reference to Love Digital & MarketingMag? ... cough cough cough

    Nah haha, I thought you were great and very natural. You're a bit of a seasoned professional now 'ey ;-) Congrats!


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