19 November 2008

A Damn Cool Crowd

I don't know if it happens to be a characteristic successful bloggers need or just a coincidence, but the Australian marketing blogging scene is... well... cool.

I've only met a few of them from the blogosphere, but Skyped with others and exchanged emails with even more of them. For some unknown reason, these people all seem to have a few things in common.

For the most part, very young, especially given their success in their field. They are passionate, keen and very driven. Not only have they been willing to help, but offered to as well. And above all, beer loving, easy going, cool, cool people.

I can't help but think blogging wouldn't be nearly as fun without the awesome guys and girls who make up the Australian marketing blogosphere. Hopefully I'll get to meet a few more of them at the Digital Marketing & Media Summit on Friday.


  1. And of course, beer-loving is a prerequisite of being cool!

  2. @ Rick - the more I drink the cooler I get (in my mind maybe?)

    @ Zac - Birds of a feather and all that.

  3. Oh I agree...very, very cool people.

    Damn wish I could make it....

  4. It is like anything, a common interest will bring you together. I mean, if you were to join a club for stubborn rude bastards, despite being the aforementioned characteristics, they would still be good mates from the get go.

    Also, I think i described the patrons of my local RSL.

  5. I think it all comes down to perception, I generally feel that most strangers are nice people, there is the odd loopy one but most people are cool.

    However I know people who think that most strangers are freaks. Your outlook will effect how you see things.

  6. Good point julian. Most people I've met in advertising fall under "damn cool" or "utter fuckwit" there's not much in between.

    But it may be a case of rose coloured glasses or the fact that bloggers by nature (unless the very angry ones) are social people who are out to make friends and share ideas.


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