01 December 2008

+ Walking The Walk

The latest episode of Jaffe Juice was one of the best I've heard in a while. Definitely worth checking out. Joseph Jaffe and David Spark discuss some common mistakes made when it comes to social media marketing.

One that really made me laugh was Don't post a comment on your own Facebook profile wall. Although you can no longer do this with the new layout, sometimes something small like this can really make you stand out. Nothing's worse than looking like you have no idea what you're doing.

Another thing you can do is ask if someone has a Facebook... you don't have a Facebook you're on Facebook. Or you could spell it FaceBook. Capitalising that B doesn't look good. But if you don't capitalise the T in YouTube you're not winning my vote. I'll probably stab you if you spell it utube.

Here is some other stuff you should get right, especially if you think you're an SMS.


  1. I get asked once a week whether I can help someone setup their MyFace account :)

  2. Ha ha ha imagine how I felt the other day when my wife asked me if I could put some music on her uPod for her :( I asked her if she wanted me to load some iTube movies on. She said "yeah whatever" :(

  3. Geez, stabbing people? Calm down Zac, it's ok!

  4. My mum says "send it through the digital wires" when referring to email.

  5. Isn't mispronouncing jargon kinda quaint, maybe even endearing, occasionally annoying...rather than a stab-able offence?

    Off to write a post on my BLOG. Is caps ok? ;)


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