29 December 2008

I Blogged In 2008

I feel like 2008 was a good year for the Australian Marketing Blogging scene. Perhaps because I found my place in it, or just simply it had incredible growth, content and new arrivals. 2008 saw saw a fantastic community develop and some remarkable conversations heard.

In fact, it was such a good year I can only assume this book was written about myself and this blog...

Pigs Don't Fly (but they love to wallow in the mud)
Written by Jackie French

So raise your glasses this New Years, and say, "Cheers" to a great year of blogging gone and another one ahead.

27 December 2008

Tweeting To The Top

The boys over at Talking Digital raised a really good question in a comment on a recent post of mine.

Why does Twitter have such an elite feel to it? And further, why do people have a need to be ranked and judged on their social media platform depth and performance?

Yes Twitter full of innovators and early adopters but it very much seems an exclusive group. People talk as though being on Twitter makes them more social media friendly than those who aren't.

Would it even be necessary for a social media consultant to be on Twitter? Would you trust someone giving advice if they didn't blog? This blogger wouldn't.

Surely you don't need to be on Twitter? Same with Facebook. In fact, one of my favourite bloggers doesn't even have a blog yet. It could help, but certainly not a necessity. Just like not every brand needs a social media presence, do they?

Gotta love those posts with more question marks than full stops.

25 December 2008

I Can Has Speshalist

23 December 2008

Banter 'Bout Bad Banners

Here's a banner ad I stumbled across while I was looking up smutty images and inappropriate videos...

1. URLs end in .com.au not .com/au.
2. A fake warning message... people are still falling for this? What do you mean I'm your 1,000,000th customer!?
3. You spelt you're incorrectly.
4. Clicking on the ad didn't even take me to the address shown.
5. And Internet Explorer? C'mon, if you're not using Firefox or Chrome your not cool in my book.

I wonder if media buyers realise that when they buy space for banner ads, they appear next to "advertising" like this.

22 December 2008

For What It's Worth

Thanks Simon for the heads up on this cool little tool which puts a dollar value on your blog's worth.

Pigs Don't Fly comes in at a neat US$21,452.52. Not bad for a year and a half's investment. Any bidders?

Obviously it's just a fun internet tool and to be taken with a hint of jest, but what's your blog worth?

21 December 2008

+ Body Shopping Made Easy

I concluded the last of my Christmas shopping today, part of which involved visiting my local Body Shop. What an experience!

For the females I had to buy for, I simply told the kind girl behind the counter how old they were, what they did and what my budget was for each of them. Ten minutes later I left with suitable presents, price tags removed and everything wrapped.

I wonder if there's a market for something similar but with guys?

18 December 2008

+ MyPhone

After waiting and waiting and waiting I finally lost my phone the other night giving me a good enough excuse to cancel my current contract. I'm now the proud owner of a black 16gb iPhone.

One negative. I'm not sure if others feel this way but the best part of purchasing a new gadget, especially an Apple product, is unwrapping it and taking it out of the box. Unfortunately the Optus girl cut the plastic, opened the box, got her dirty fingerprints on it and inserted the SIM card right in front of me. Damn.

Apple don't only have incredible product design, but packaging design too. So much so, that it almost becomes part of the story of your purchase.

Anyway, what applications can you recommend?

16 December 2008

+ Twitter Is Where It's @

I've been meaning to post about Twitter for a while.

It is fundamentally flawed. Both the concept and the design. It is ridiculously hard to read or thread conversations, if you watch more than 50 people it is easy to miss something and the layout is simply atrocious.

Yet it continues to gain popularity. I thought newcomer Plurk (much less fundamentally flawed) would overthrow it, but even I turned back to Twitter eventually.

I think Twitter some how manages to be successful because it's addictive. Once you've started it's hard to give it up. Although most start by asking, "Isn't it just like updating your Facebook status?", it grows on you. Stan Lee signed up just two weeks ago and I think he's now in need of a patch to control the cravings. His page used to display a badge that said he wasn't on the Twitter bandwagon, but that's changed just a little hasn't it, Stan?

It's hard to explain but I think Gavin Heaton summed it up best when he said, "You get out what you put in".

14 December 2008

+ The Old Book

MySpace essentially had only a lifespan of two or three years for most people. Facebook is now starting to reach a similar age. Does this mean we'll soon see a new social network take over, or will Facebook do what MySpace couldn't?

My opinion is the latter, at least for another few years. Facebook has hit a point where the vast majority of my networks are on it and using it. Not only to communicate, but to run events, upload photos and so some extent it's even replaced emailing and instant messaging.

My investment in Facebook has been too great. With nearly 600 photos and a connection to most of my contacts, I'm not going anywhere soon. But how long will Facebook last? Could it do a Google?

12 December 2008

+ I'm Book Not 404

Every so often on my commute home I pick up and flick through the very reliable source that is mX.

An interesting article suggested that some research has shown modern technology and Gen Y are driving changes in the English language. What I found interesting was that these changes were beyond the point of lols and 1337 speak.

Due mostly to the limited characters available when sending an SMS, 404, a reference to a website fault means clueless. And the predictive text for the word cool first produces book, which as a result has given it a second meaning.

Nenagh Kemp, psychologist from the University of Tasmania, suggested that this type of English was not dulling our language skills, but in fact part of the language's natural evolution.

Interesting. Now please stop telling me that my generation is ruining everything. I'm off to fix the economy and deal with Global Warming... assholes.

10 December 2008

+ School Of Wags

I am a student from the School of Peter Wagstaff.

I started my business degree thinking I would head towards a career management. Yet in my first semester I took Marketing Theory and Practise, a unit headed up by Peter Wagstaff. Upon completing it, I had a new career path.

But his influence doesn't stop there. It was by listening to his podcast, Marketing Today that I first discovered social media through Julian Cole. He also writes a blog, RenewEd, which focuses on the future of education and how teaching has and should be changing for Gen Y students.

He is undoubtedly the best lecturer I have had in my two year stint at Monash. He is also the most passionate. I have no doubt I would not be where I am today without him. Not only has Wags been an incredible mentor, it's hasn't been uncommon for myself to drop by his office regularly unannounced for a chat.

Along side other students from the School of Peter Wagstaff, Julian Cole, Josh Strawczynski, Rick Clarke and Simon Oboler, I would like to say thank you Wags.

08 December 2008

+ Simon Says Reply To Emails

My BFF, Simon Oboler, just had a rant about people who don't respond to emails. And I must say, I've been a recent victim myself.

Recently I got in touch with someone at an agency. We had a chat about the possibility of working there and they said someone would be in touch by the end of the week. I received an email saying they'd call me in a few days.

I never got a call.

About a month later I followed up with an email as a polite reminder. Never got a response. We're now about two or three months from the initial conversation I had about working with them.

This is not a rant about the fact I didn't get a job. I really don't mind. But I did expect someone to get back to me.

With the number of recent graduates making calls and sending emails lately, surely these people realise that not only are personal brands being tarnished here, but organisation and agency brands too? My opinion of the agency isn't what it once was. And we all know what Gen Y's do with brands they don't like...

I know someone from the agency in question will be reading this. Feel free to pass it along. =]

07 December 2008

+ Influential Reading

I use Blogger. People tell me I should be on WordPress. Repeatedly. But I'm at a point now where a change would be far too inconvenient.

It got me thinking though, why does one choose a certain blogging platform over another? I think mine was simply because Julian Cole published on Blogger. He wrote the first blog I ever followed and therefore my natural choice was also Blogger.

Why do you blog with who you're with?

05 December 2008

+ Another Gen Y Trend

I realised today I haven't used my house phone in a while. The thick layer of dust is at least three months old.

If people want to contact me, they do it by mobile, email, social networks, MSN or most recently, Skype.

Not a good sign for telemarketers.

03 December 2008

+ The Internetz

This post was inspired by a slide at the Digital Marketing & Media Summit.

Where will things be in 2012?

01 December 2008

+ Walking The Walk

The latest episode of Jaffe Juice was one of the best I've heard in a while. Definitely worth checking out. Joseph Jaffe and David Spark discuss some common mistakes made when it comes to social media marketing.

One that really made me laugh was Don't post a comment on your own Facebook profile wall. Although you can no longer do this with the new layout, sometimes something small like this can really make you stand out. Nothing's worse than looking like you have no idea what you're doing.

Another thing you can do is ask if someone has a Facebook... you don't have a Facebook you're on Facebook. Or you could spell it FaceBook. Capitalising that B doesn't look good. But if you don't capitalise the T in YouTube you're not winning my vote. I'll probably stab you if you spell it utube.

Here is some other stuff you should get right, especially if you think you're an SMS.
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