07 January 2009

AdSensible Decision

I made a decision today. I will never have any AdSense running on this blog.

I am the angry mob who wants to burn all banner ads and interruptive media. The only way I'd be interested in monetising this blog is through sponsorship, even then it has to be relevant and beneficial to you guys.

I suppose that counts as a New Year's Resolution, yeah?


  1. You're certainly not losing anything by not having it on your blog. As far as monetizing a blog it's quite a horrible method. Compared to actual targeted advertising it's quite useless.

    I have it on my blog basically because I like anything that has stats to it and the success rate is about 1 click in 400 impressions. As far as monetizing something it is simply just the lazy way to go.

    If it ever gets in the way of my blog I'll probably remove it but at the moment firefox removes it automatically for me so I don't notice it so much. So at the moment the future dream of directly comparing it to a targeted campaign and having the exact stats to use ina post outweighs the annoyance of haing it there.

  2. adsense is horrible and irrelevant 99% of the time.

    worst of all, it claims to be targeted. ha.

    good move.

    i wouldn't put ads on my blog. not out of any moral issue ... it's just the return wouldn't justify the effort. Even with 10,000 PVs a month the best you can hope for is $50.

  3. You should be able to get $10-$30 CPM from a blog, but the most important thing you can advertise on a blog is yourself. You need to be the sole sponsor.

  4. What about adsense? It seems a shame just to exclude adsence ;)

  5. @ Kate Richardson

    Hahahaha, thank you.

  6. I see you gave Facebook a plug today. How much did they pay you?

  7. It's the age old battle between content and advertisers. But with out adsense - no blogger - no free hosting? Who pays for it? Something the industry is coming to terms with. Personally i think there is room for a smarter business model of advertising online; perhaps network opt in targeting...

    As a blogger most will understand - that it's not about the money. That's just something you wouldn't mind if the opportunity arises.

  8. I have this theory (all be it a little pilkinton-esque) that as humans become more acustomed to where ads appear on websites the mind starts to automatically block that area out.

    I watch people at work (people who dont use the internet much) and they click on ads all the time, ads that I dont even see when im looking at the same page!

  9. Have you considered moving it to your own host so that you're not stuck with Blogger? It gives you a lot more flexiblity and makes it easier for me to comment ;)

  10. @ Ross

    Unfortunately it's such a big task that I could never see myself doing it. Plus I don't know enough about it.

    But to be honest, I don't mind blogger. You not being able to easily comment is a problem though...

  11. I made this decision long ago, but it was made a lot easier by the name of my blog ;)


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