25 January 2009

+ Mumbrella Ella Ella

The only reason I haven't mentioned mUmbrella yet is because it seems obvious you should already be reading it. If this model can be successfully monetised, it will be the future of journalism.

Also Mumbles gave me some link love so I feel like I owe him. ;]


  1. The future of journalism?

    Big call. Misguided too.

    Mumbrella is great. A much need shot in the arm for Oz adland.

    But it's hardly revolutionary Zac.

    Me thinks you need to get out more. :-)

  2. @ Stan

    Something doesn't need to be revolutionary to become mainstream. Niche focused journalism and reporting combined with RSS Feeds has a much brighter future than the newspaper.

  3. Point taken, but it's still not the future of journalism.

  4. future of journalism!11 i don't know when you're serious anymore zac ...

    i like what mumbrella is but it's far from anything new in the broader scheme of things.

    simply put, it's a good journalist who realises opinion and thought happens outside of the journo bubble.

  5. @ talkingdigital

    Surely something doesn't have to be new (or revolutionary) to become the future of journalism. It's the perfect balance of news and opinion, and with a few other niche reporting blogs that replaces my need for a newspaper.

  6. not disagreeing with your sentiment above ... but if it's the future of journalism 'the future' started happening 5 years ago.

    and it is being monetised elsewhere too - successfully.

  7. Zac if mumbrella replaces your need for a newspaper, what were you reading before?

    Elizabeth Bay

  8. @ Kate

    Mostly porn. And blogs. =P

  9. @ Kate & @ Zac

    So now he reads Mumbrella. Ad porn in blog format.


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