27 January 2009

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  1. @ Nathan

    Buffalo, New York in 1989. The campaign's older than me! They released one every Monday over nine weeks.

  2. Wonderful stuff! Have you been on Ads of The World?

  3. Great thanks for the heads-up Zac. Very interesting for our out of home issue coming up. And I need to get excited about OOH!

  4. I may be an idiot (possible) or just boring (probable) but what on earth is it for and how did it go for them in terms of return.

    sure it's very wonderful and a great narrative ... but did it work?

  5. @ talkingdigital

    Garcia's restaurant, a local in the town. Incredibly successful as far as I can tell. In terms of building awareness, the whole population knew who they were.

    And 19 year later it's still being written about.

  6. Really? Everyone thinks this is clever? I guess this says a lot about how advertising is generally quite ordinary. It's quaint at best. We all need to get out a little more I think...

  7. If you kids think this is as good as you say it is, you really should stop reading blogs, turn off your Twiitter and get out more.

    It's a nice idea. Nothing more.

    It also has the scent of scam about it.

    That's a large billboard. Expensive to buy. Expensive to produce.

    Doubt little ol' Garcia's could afford to run a campaign like that.

  8. have to say i agree stan ... small local retaurant devises ad campaign with 9 creative refreshes, 9 production requirements, plus install, plus costs ... seems like a little bit of over investment.

    if their ROI was it being written about in marketing blogs 19 years after the fact then i guess it worked ... but would have liked to have seen the ROI on actual covers.


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