13 February 2009

+ Experts, Specialists and Consultants

People hate when those three terms are thrown around, but I genuinely think there are people out there who could do a lot for your brand in the social media space. It's a few others who are fucking it up for everyone else.

Not everyone working in social media marketing is a complete douche. ;]


  1. Well said Zac.

    What we're seeing now is yet another internet goldrush. And guess what - there's gold in them there social media hills.

    And as long as there are veins of gold to be mined there will be snake-oil salesmen coming along to take advantage.

  2. I suddenly feel even better about my new venture. Hope I do you proud.

  3. Sounds like you have been watching Deadwood Stan.

  4. the only title i respect is 'innovator' ... you know if someone calls themselves an innovator they are a pretty modest, hard working, humble operator

  5. In relative terms YES... we are more knowledgable and profiecient than the majority of business owners. We're experts and specialists.

    But if most of your readers are involved in social media then those words loose aaaallll value: meritocracy over expertocracy :D

  6. So who's fucking it up then Zac? C'mon... Tell us what you really think you cheeky monkey!


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