03 March 2009

Ya'll Ready For This?

Here it comes. The tipping point of Twitter.

In the past week, two independent friends have told me they are signing up to Twitter. Both of them aren't tech or social media geeks. However, they are both extremely popular, very influential and both have a large following on Facebook.

This was before Rove spoke about it on Sunday night.

Twitter is about to go mainstream. Although when it does, I think you'll find its design flaw will cripple the social network.


  1. SAME! Two mates, both not in the digital space (one hairdresser, one student) both tweeting like its going out of fashion.

    Yep its happening, Twitter has hit the big-time.

  2. Hairdressers and students are in the digital space. If they have a mobile phone or a computer they're in the digital space. They just don't waste their time talking about it all the time.

  3. After the article in the A2 last weekend, another in the media section of the Australian during the week, plus Rove plus all the effing gossip mags getting on board. It's going to be insane.

  4. @ladychameleon Imagine the hilarity when 'Womens Day' or similar sending out tweets about 'Brits new Bub' or '10 Recipes to make your Dinner Party Sizzle!'

    Actually wait, that would be pretty cool!

  5. So twitter's over.

    What's next Zac?

  6. Mainstream for sure! In 48 hours, I've heard/seen Twitter mentioned in almost every form of mainstream media - Rove, 3AW, The Age, and today I noticed the Herald Sun website using a Twitter search as their way of showing breaking news on two hot issues (Sri Lankan cricket attack and the bushfire threat).

    This is such good news. It means that there'll now be some decent non-geek conversation happening on Twitter! I am so sick of reading tweets about Twitter on Twitter!

  7. Could agree more Zac.

    Here's a few thoughts of mine to help save twitter before it jumps the shark ... what do you think?


  8. Being new to Twitter, one of the things i love is that everyones updates and conversations are alot more meaningful, relevant and used to convey an actual message rather than: 'is just cooking pasta'. I think it will be sad if twitter is overrun by crap and I will learn less about the wonderful marketing world as a result. Sorry for contributing to the mainstreamness of Twitter!


  9. @ Em

    I think it will be interesting to see if Twitter can handle a mainstream audience. But I think it will be even more interesting to see if social media geeks like me and Juju jump ship and find our own social network which you brats aren't spoiling. =P

  10. @Em and @Zac

    If there's too much "mainstream crap" conversation going on, then just unfollow those people. Your world on Twitter will remain as large or insular as you want it to be. Mainstream does NOT mean the end of Twitter.

    Now stop being precious and get on with your lives. And don't even start thinking about writing a rule book for Twitter!

  11. @wags

    haha rule book for Twitter... can't even make time to read a textbook. Online communication is my best form of procrastination, not work! But i like the tip on unfollowing, but then does it become like the friends game on facebook where u are rude if u deny someone?


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