05 April 2009

+ Flying Elsewhere

I've started writing for a few different publications (exciting news coming soon) which has lead to a slight decrease in content on my blog. Which is not a problem, just giving you the heads up that some of my future posts will simply be links to articles I've written elsewhere.

Unless anyone objects..?


  1. I object!


    Farrel - Naked Sydney

  2. Hi Zac,

    This is your blog here and I am not impressed. I was there for you from the begining, I listened to you when no one else would, I cared for you in your times of need and THIS is how you repay me? Sure that Marketing Mag collum might look good now with her fancy stables and her colour pages but you just wait, soon she will leave you for some other young marketing upstart and you will have ruined the only good thing you have in your life... me.

    Sure we have had our ups and downs, I am certainly not proud of the time I threw up HTML errors on your post last year or when I accidently changed the font to times new roman without asking you first, but is this the way you are going to end it? Just start paying me less and less attention untill untill all I have left to read back over posts about you hating television and cry myself to sleep?

    I'm hurt Zac and yes I object!

    Yours Truley,

    Your Blog.

    P.S - It seems you're really taking the "graduate like a rockstar" thing seriously, forgetting who helped you get where you are.

  3. @ My Blog

    I love you and always will. <3

    But I'm talking about bigger opportunities than just Marketing Mag...

  4. Go on...

    Dont be such a tease!

  5. I just discovered your blog Zac. It is quite fresh and hip. Reminds me a lot of a blog called Adspace Pioneers. Are you familiar with it?

  6. Zac, what bigger opportunities could there be other than Marketingmag.com.au? :-P


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