15 April 2009

+ Left Out To Dry

Carlton Dry have recently just finished up an aight digital campaign, Team Dry. The premise is simple, upload a video of you doing a useless talent and win $50,000.

So far, not that interesting. The campaign is okay, not really purple cow material but certainly not too bad. What I did like was the approach taken to encourage people to submit entries. Readers of men's magazines Ralph and Zoo were told if they submitted an entry with a copy of the magazine in the video, they would receive a free slab of Carlton Dry. A great incentive to encourage people to enter competitions, particularly those with high levels of engagement.

Unfortunately it seems they have decided to ignore the submission I entered before the deadline. One email address I attempted to contact them on was rejected and the other has gone ignored. Can anyone put my in touch with someone behind the campaign? I want my free slab of beer.

If not, the half a day I spent making the videos means I have enough pent up anger to never buy Carlton Dry. Ever.


  1. More like brown cow and bribery by beer.

    Men are notoriously bad at entering competitions in mens mags so I bet a slab helps. As you've kindly demonstrated.

    p.s $50,000 ain't no small prize hey! Especially for useless talent.

    Will check out the campaign though as I hadn't seen it (seeing as I don't read Ralph n' all)

  2. Just received a response from an Account Manager. Coincidence?

  3. Zac, give us a link to your useless talent video ...

  4. @ Daniel Oyston

    When my submission appears on the website I might let you know. ;]

  5. when you have to describe a campaign as 'okay' - the campaign has probably failed.

  6. lucky for marketers the success of campaigns isn't judged on whether observers think it's okay ... it's based on more solid metrics around sales etc. Phew ...


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