17 April 2009

+ Social Media Strategy: Response v2

Last October I posted about two social media strategy models I had been working on. The first was Response and the second was Broadcast.

Taking on the advice of Gavin Heaton and Kate Richardson I have made some slight adjustments to the Response model. While I would recommend reading the original post, the key differences are the addition of measurement on behalf of the marketer and recognising the circular nature of this process.



  1. Hi Zac,

    The model looks good agree it needs to be cyclical to allow for refinement.

    I developed up a similar model in 06

    As with all models they need refinement over time and I am currently working on much belated v2.


  2. Zac, good work mate.

    A tip, I recon you should read the opening 5 para's of this blog post http://bit.ly/JkEaR

    It talks about "leaders" and their role once the community starts to get some momentum. Not sure "how" this element gets incorporated into your diagram(if u decide it needs to be) but happy for u to bounce ideas of me.

  3. Zac, looking good. But its to early in the morning for me to make any great contribution. I'll be back.


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