30 May 2009

+ Hairy Chest

After six months of working on the pitch for L'Oreal Brandstorm, we placed third at the national finals. We nailed our presentation and I'm pretty happy.

It means we don't make it to Paris, but the good news is I have my life back again and it means this blog might receive a little more attention.

For those interested here is our presentation...


  1. Is this my hairy chest you're talking about? :)

    As an audience member at your Brandstorm presentation, it was by far one of the best presentations on the day; nailed it would be an understatement.

    As a Brandstorm participant watching your Brandstorm presentation, you guys definitely kept the heart beats racing for the rest of the groups (myself included).

    Congratulations on the position

    - Athan

  2. Well done Zac, Simon and James. A great presentation, Monash is proud of you!


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