03 May 2009

+ Write Or Flight

I always tout on about how starting a blog was one of the best things I ever did, and not only career wise. But it wasn't until today that I realised yet another reason I'm more than grateful for starting this bad boy.

I love writing. I didn't realise it until recently, but I seem to get a fair bit out of something I would previously despised doing. And apparently, I'm not too bad at it. Although I have no idea why people seem to enjoy my terribly dry, sarcastic tone. And I just realised I seem to use a lot of conjunctives at inappropriate times.

This blog probably isn't a good example of my best work. Lately I've been writing for the student magazine on campus, my other blog, Marketing Magazine and a new project that will be bigger than hang over I woke up with this morning.

Now I just need to work out if it's possible to write for the love of it... and money. Maybe I should write a book.


  1. I think the title of your previous post says so much aboout you.

  2. @ ACCC

    Surely posting something like that is against some lame restriction you've implemented?

  3. i think it's hilarious that, for all the revolution in publishing that blogging has brought, EVERYONE still goes - hmm.. i'm good at this, maybe i'll publish A BOOK!!! wtf?

  4. Objectively.

    You're writing isn't at the standard of a professional journalist or writer.

    There's a reason they attend uni for 3+ years.

    That being said, I'm sure an editor would be able to help sculpt your work.

  5. @ Anonymous

    I don't want to be a professional writer or journalist. But apparently there's a segment out there somewhere that digs my style and thoughts. =P

  6. Doesn't writing "for the love of it... and money." Suggest that you would be getting paid.
    Hence Professional...

  7. ummm...did anyone notice, in the "objective" criticism Anonymous was providing Zac, Anonymous used "You're" incorrectly and instead should have used "your"?

  8. @nat

    "ummm" isn't a word.


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