05 June 2009

Who Is Zac Martin?

Zac Martin is a 24 year old Australian dude. Based on year of birth he would probably be classified as a Gen Y, but most often acts like an eight year old.

Zac enjoys long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain and when he grows up he wants to be an evil advertiser. In his spare time while not donating to charity, helping Baby Boomers cross the road or saving kittens from burning trees, Zac has written for many publications including Marketing Magazine and The Punch.

He is currently a Digital Strategist at cummins&partners (since August 2012) and prior to that worked at George Patterson Y&R (January 2010 to August 2012). He also had a brief stint as an intern at Naked Communications.

Zac has a double degree in Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing) (2010). He scored the winning goal of an Under 15's Hockey Grand Final, only to have the other team score two goals in the final minute and steal glory (2003). He is also accredited with a Pen License (2000).

His latest experiment is a Gotham TV Show website.


  1. OH MY! I actually laughed out loud when I read this. And not just your average chuckle, but I roared with laughter.

    "either a Gen Y or an iGen...freelance writer and social media marketing consultant". I'm sorry, just because you can start a blog does NOT make you a writer, you are anything but. And people like you give Gen Ys a bad fucking name!

    And you are hardly a socia media guru if you still call it 'marketing'. No one markets anymore, it's about two-way communication you loser.

  2. @ Anonymous

    I'll probably end up deleting your comment, but I'm glad you got a laugh. I actually write for a few print and online publications as well.

    And I don't care how you define it, we're providing customers with value and that's marketing.


  3. "Marketing", "Gen Y", iGen" etc. Australians loves these terms but few other places bother with them really. Australia is over catered for when it comes to marketing. The shift needs to be towards creative problem solving and new ways to deliver the wide variety of media that grows more omnipresent every day. This is how you cater for consumers in the digital economy.

  4. Zac, even your bio sparks conversation!

  5. @Anon

    Two things-

    1) Zac never claimed he is Social Marketing Guru or Writer because of this blog.

    2) If you are going to have massive pot shots at someone at least have the guts to attribute it to your name/product/website/whatever - or does your own name not carry sufficient credit to do so?


    I'm enjoying your blog and found it due to our mutual connection with Waggy (although I'm sure yours is stronger)... Keep up the good work.

  6. I can't be bothered to work out how to post my name so I am gonna use the anonymous tag. The other anonymous guy shows real envy of you clearly. Was he as smart as you at 19? Probably not. I am not saying you're a ground breaker/guru/expert but you clearly understand the mechanics and thinking. The stuff you write sparks debate and that's what it's all about - good work I say.

    Ps. my name is Gary if anyone gives a toss and I have worked in digital for 10 years - I am no expert and none of us are - we're all still learning!

  7. Mate totally impressed with your creativity, while I was fluffing around at Sydney Uni foam parties in my 2nd year you're writing this great blog and making a name for yourself. Good on you.

  8. Hey Anonymous

    Suck my c*ck


    Professor X

  9. Strange, I think I played hockey with you during the noughties. Eastern/Knox?

  10. @ Taraxanoid

    The good old Junior days at Knox were great!

  11. I decided to call my entire blog the name you gave this single post!

  12. Lol. Had a laugh at your intro to yourself. You're finished your degree? I'm only starting mine at UWS. I hope to one day work for Contiki, RSPCA or the Cancer Council.
    Good luck with your goals.

  13. I'd like to punch Mr Anonymous in the ovaries. If you're going to take the time to try and ruin someone's reputation at least check your facts and know what you're talking about. Obviously he's just jealous of all the extra publicity Zac is now getting.

  14. I'll take the 5 year old.Potty trained but can't blow his nose. Loves himself. Must be corporate if he works for Y&R. But what's the blog about anyway.

  15. Spotted a typo there Zac - "He is currently at Digital Strategist at CumminsRoss"


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