23 June 2009

You Sir, Are Anonymous

Sorry to beat a dead horse here guys, but let's have a quick chat about posting anonymously.

I honestly don't mind if you do it. I'd prefer if you attached a link to somewhere I could contact you, and if not then even just a name, but I understand some of you just want to post anonymously for the sake of it. I'm sure you've realised by now I actually relish abusive comments. And that's okay, if posting anonymously let's lets you say something you wouldn't normally say otherwise then go nuts.

But please, don't give me personal branding advice if you're going to do it anonymously. That is where I draw the line.


  1. Is this predictable?

  2. Far too predictable, although I was expecting some advice about something...

  3. Anonymity can protect a personal brand. What if Kevin Rudd REALLY felt like telling you he thought you were a wanker? Doing so with his full contact details wouldn't be very good for his personal brand, would it?

    Anonumity is the personal equivalent of a company's Right to remain silent

  4. Actually if you wanted to remain silent you wouldn't say anything at all (which was the gist of Zac's previous post).

    Lucky for Zac, who loves a good sling of mud, those who comment seem not to heed their mum's advice. And in that case I definitely agree if you're gonna have a go, wear it.

    Posting without a link doesn't seem so bad to me, coz big brother can be a real prick. And sometimes you just want to throw your 2 cents in and get on with your day.

    But posting as 'Anonymous' is just weird. No-one can tell who you are from a first name.

  5. @ Jason P

    I actually agree with you, but if K Rudd wants to give me personal branding advice he should do it under his own personal brand. ;]

    @ Lachyw

    No link required if I know who you are and already have your contact details.

  6. hmm... I didn't mean not to provide a good link. Assumed it would link to my email addy. oh well, as you noted it isn't always required.

  7. Why would anyone bother to post anonymously when they can post using a bullshit name and link to any url they want to?

  8. Hey mate,

  9. Typical Gen Y attitude Zac. You need to sharpen up your act, contribute something useful to society and stop whining.

  10. @ Anonymous

    Typical anonymous comment. But with my typical Gen Y attitude I'll tell you that is my blog and I'll do what I want.


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