29 July 2009

One Less Degree

Under this theory, perhaps the Six Degrees of Separation theory is no longer relevant. The adoption of social networking has made the world a far smaller place.

And an interesting side note, to get it down to Four Degrees of Separation, the average number of friends would need to be 289.

26 July 2009

Mistaking The Youth

Being young and being a Gen Y (or an iGen for that matter) are not the same thing. The two are correlated, not dependant. Don't confuse a mistake of youth as a Gen Y characteristic.

Every generation makes mistakes when they're young. Don't stereotype on something that applies to everyone. Even you.

22 July 2009

I'll Tell You What I Want

My latest article at Marketing Magazine, discussing a couple of things I need if I and my fellow graduate-to-be mates are going to work for you.

20 July 2009

Honestly, I Probably Won't Follow You

When it comes to Twitter, I suppose I don't really follow the unwritten law of "you should follow anyone who follows you". In fact, I'm really picky about who I follow.

If I check out your page and you've posted too many times that day, I won't follow you. If you haven't posted enough, I won't follow you. If I don't like your display picture, I won't follow you. If you have all tweets with no replies, I won't follow you. If you're following too many people, I won't follow you.

Too bad if you happen to have a bad day or exhibit some once off behaviour. Chances are I won't check you out a second time.

I always judge books by their covers. Does anyone else? And do you ever stop and think about what your profile looks like right now? I know I don't do it enough.

16 July 2009

Fifteen Months

Today I was flown up and back to Sydney to present to Nova's marketing team about social media. When I got home there was a free copy of David Scott's latest book World Wide Rave waiting for me.

Sometimes I surprise myself how far this blog had taken me in just fifteen months.

11 July 2009

Why The Government Is Better At Social Media Than You

Who's behind the social media strategy for the Government? Because they're doing a pretty fucking great job, on both the federal and state level. Probably far better than many brands. And when the Government is doing a better job than you, maybe it's time to lift your game just a little.

Firstly, the bid for the World Cup is quite remarkable. The official website is, well, kinda cool as well as this totally rad video...
Can you imagine Howard appearing in that video? Anyway, they've also got a pretty strong presence on standard social networks, but particularly their Twitter account looks pretty healthy. Developing somewhat of a community around already passionate people is a great idea. Using that community to achieve your goal is even better.

As not even a soccer fan, I'm impressed.

And the other great example that Will Egan told me about, is John Brumby's YouTube campaign. Check out the video...
Great use of the medium and a great way to personalise things. Not even Obama is doing that, and we all know social media is the only reason he won the election. ;]

What do you guys think of these two campaigns?

07 July 2009

The Pigs Without Wings Foundation

I've said in the past I will never put AdSense on this blog. But I wonder if there is some type of sponsored deal you and I could organise?

It doesn't neccessarily have to be a link or ad on the side, in fact I don't want that. But I wonder if something more can be explored, something more creative and flexible, that adds value to you, me and my audience.

Would you sponsor this blog? Let's talk.

05 July 2009

Both Important And Talkative

Head nod to Jessica Hagy. I have completely stolen her style here.

03 July 2009

A Print Dinosaur

So this John Hartigan bloke, News Ltd CEO, had this to say in regards to the future of journalism...
“Then there are the bloggers. In return for their free content, we pretty much get what we’ve paid for - something of such limited intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance.”
In his speech he then proceeded to point out sites like Crikey and Mumbrella as leeching off journalism in Australia.

You take out these two points and his speech might have had some decent ideas behind it. You'll notice he didn't mention anything about The Punch which, funnily enough, is owned by big bad News Ltd. He also failed to mention that a significant amount of their contributors are also bloggers.

This is the dinosaur you've selected to keep newspapers and journalism alive in Australia? Good luck with that.

Also, as I write for The Punch I'd just like to say the people running the site do a smashing job, and thankfully do not take the piss out of us bloggers.

02 July 2009

Balls On The Line

This week, is Man Week. And I've been tagged by Gavin Heaton to write about it. However, like Stan Lee, I tend not to write about much personal stuff here unless I can tie it into marketing or blogging.

Which is convenient, because my post is about this blog.

I'm still a teenager. And as my amazingly dirty attempt at a beard would suggest I'm not even sure if I can use the word "man". In fact on some levels I'm fairly immature and don't even act my age at the most inappropriate of times. But the biggest change in my personally, as far as I can tell, is I'm no longer as quiet as I once was.

My childhood was normal. I don't have an amazing story to tell. My parents separated before I could say the word marriage but I can't complain about how I was raised. I was labelled a geek at school who sat at the top of every class academic wise, but not harshly done and it was even something I called myself. While the rest of the kids were busy talking in class, I was busy working.

And I think that made me quiet. I'd still talk and socialise of course, but no one would ever mistake me for "the loud one" in the class room.

But around Year 10, I decided to start being louder. Not neccessarily talking more, just putting myself out there, taking opportunities that came up and generally expressing myself when I wanted to.

I'm not sure why, but I do remember it being a conscious decision.

And it was fun.

And it taught me my opinions and thoughts are valid.

And to not work too hard.

I think over the past five years it's continued to build, especially when I look at how much I've changed since, even still if you compared to my first week at Uni to now.

And one of the ways I've been able to do this, is with a blog.

I've always said starting this blog was one of the best things I ever did, and not just career wise. This is one of those "not just career wise" things.

It's given me a platform to express myself and express my passion.

It's let me be as loud as I want.

It's gotten me thinking, writing and doing something I love.

And it's been an important aspect in shaping me into the man I am today.
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