30 August 2009

A New Religion

Here's two things I've recently heard myself saying in regards to Twitter...
+ After a few months you have a light bulb moment and Twitter just makes sense.
+ The correct terminology is "you tweeted" not "you twittered".
And after saying these things on the Gen Y Marketing Podcast last week, the boys characterised them into two categories...
+ A moment where outsiders are "spoken to", from a "higher being", where they then become insiders.
+ Language loading, where commonplace words such as "tweet" are given new meanings unique to that culture.
They followed this by saying these two features are some of the common characteristics of a cult.


  1. Just adding my two cents... if you're talking about Twitter you need to capitalise it as with any noun. If you are talking about 'tweeting' - like a verb, then it doesn't need a cap. Same as 'tweet'

    It's just a revisit of Google. If you googled something, please do not shout at me in caps that you are doing it. Lowercase all the way.

  2. I remember the days when RT stood for raisin toast...


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