21 September 2009

Bugged By Banner Ads?

Here's an animated banner ad I've been seeing a lot on Facebook lately...

Marketing how to avoid one interruptive medium by advertising on another? Perhaps we could establish a Do Not Subject To Banner Ads register and advertise it with cold calls from telemarketers?


  1. Good point. Although if you really hate banner ads why not just install an ad-blocker? E.g. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865

  2. In the very least, the Ad is not an auto play video or a browser take-over. And I feel it's a plus that it's not a 'buy our stuff' banner.

    Advertisement aside, I've actually already registered to it. It's a pretty good system: No more Indian call centres for me! :D

  3. I hate people who call me when I don't know them or want what they have. I don't like intrusion banners which cover my screen. Like your point though.

  4. Honestly what is the problem with banner ads?

    Zac, you love facebook so much but would you pay a yearly subscription? Like almost everybody, probably not. So put up with the g*d d*mn banner ads! somethings got to pay the bills at facebook :)

    Telemarketing is one thing. But I'm sorry, there's simply nothing wrong with most banner ads.

    Could they be more targeted? Probably in the future they will be. And then we'll be whingeing about invasion of privacy/big brother issues.

    But there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    If you don't like banner ads, and I agree some are super annoying (those serioulsy flirting with causing epileptic fits) try readability...


    It is brilliant for those times you are experiencing major cognitive overload.

    Pop-ups that take over the screen are a different story... that is just stupid marketing. I really hope they can measure the number of people who close them immediately.

  5. @ Lachy

    I've come to accept banner ads. I still think there are much better ways to spend your dollar and they still piss me off because they interupt consumers, perhaps unnecessarily... but I know they're here to stay. Particularly when they're probably a the main source of revenue for Facebook (although note, I'd be happy to pay a small fee to use Facebook).

    But I think this is not the message to put on a banner ad.


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