06 October 2009

Bad Apples Aren't Fresh

Even good friend of the show Natalie Tran thinks it's a complete fucking joke.

So Apple are going to bring legal action against Woolworths over the similarities in their logos.

I know this blog has turned into a bit of a personal rant lately about the complete damn stupidity in the marketing world but I just couldn't pass on this. It's almost as bad as the case study I read today about an ad where a woman cuffed a guy on the back of the head for staring at another girl. It received complaints about violence against men.

I don't even know what the main point of this post is. Perhaps it's that both marketers and consumers can be complete tossers (and please don't let me turn into one of them). Or maybe it's that I expected better from a brand like Apple. Most likely it's just that I wanted to share the picture above.


  1. Who doesn't love a good rant ey?

    I think it's risky for apple... Ok the logo kind of looks like an apple, but that's about as close as it gets. This kind of over-reaching goes against the persona us consumers expect from that 'edgie' brand.

  2. Not surprising really, considering how litigious Apple is. I'm not sure why you expected any different from a brand like apple.

    Previous to Woolworths, their most recent face-palm moment was when they sued the city of New York for using an apple in the logo for an environmental project.


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