05 October 2009

I Know, Enough About Vegemite

I'm sure you're all over Vegemite talk by now. Buzz has spread itself across all media (see what I did there?) and you've probably never had more conversations about the black paste in your life.

But I suppose that's the thing. Whether you think it was a good idea or a bad one, or a deliberate one or accidental, never in my life have I spoken about Vegemite so often. And never in my life have I been as passionate about original Vegemite.

I have no plans try the new one, I won't even consider buying it and I'm totes over the whole "name our product" marketing campaign everyone seems jumping on the bandwagon with.

But fuck it made me realise how much I love original Vegemite.


  1. Hey Brother,

    And you're not alone ... What it's done is remind many people of their favourable feelings towards their original product and the core of their business. That can only be a good thing. Hope you're well.


  2. When I started reading this blog post I was in the middle of eating iSnack 2.0 on Savoys so can confirm it wasn't just successful at reminding us of our love of the original.

    PS. I know I shouldn't surf & eat...


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