01 November 2009

Chill Bro

I've been thinking about "cool" lately. Ignoring the fact it's probably not cool to use the word "cool", start by taking a look at Adam Ferrier's thoughts on the five indicators of someone's coolness.

I suppose thinking about the cool people I know, my definition would be that the coolest person in the room has the personal brand worth the most social currency. Here their personal brand encompasses everything from their personality to what they're wearing to what they do for a living. Included in this is the ability to share said social currency through remarkable story telling.

Just had this stuff on my mind a bit lately. What do you think? What makes someone cool?


  1. I'm sorry Zac... But to put a definition on cool isnt cool at all. And its not about what job you have or how you dress. It's how you act, how comfortable you are with other people, how comfortable you are with yourself.

    And yes I realise that I've just said one thing and then did what i just said. So I am not cool

  2. 1. Listens to other people eg: is open to new ideas.
    2. Someone with random knowledge = general curiosity
    3. Usually they are quiet (because they are listening/observing) rather than 'in your face'
    4. I'm not too bothered by someone's occupation (that's only one part of their life)
    5. Clothes = packaging. Not so important to me.

  3. This is why I like the use of the word "brand", because by definition it varies from person to person's perception, just like what attributes people tend to think make up a cool person.

  4. OK - so name some cool people. Who's 'cool', Zac?

  5. I suppose a lot of the cool peeps I know would just be friends or people I've bumped into and thought they were "cool" afterwards. Celebrities I think are a bit harder to judge because the story telling element is usually fake or scripted.

    Then there's the fact one man's cool guy is another man's douchbag.

  6. It depends on what your definition of cool is.

    Different people have their own perceptions on what is 'cool'.

    If your aim is to be the coolest amongst one or two certain groups, then I would say you are doing it wrong.

    Applying your personal brand in such a limited scope isn't progressive. Diversify.

    There is a difference between a fad and being cool. This is what defines value in social currency.

    I scored 81%

  7. Interesting, I've never thought of a personal brand as something you apply, but rather something that just is. Some brands are just more relevant, relatable and shareable than others.

    So fads are fake, and therefore not cool?

  8. This definition is tautological..

  9. 1. Being good enough at something to get respect
    2. Caring enough about people to give a shit
    3. Not giving a fuck about anything else

  10. "My definition would be that the coolest person in the room has the personal brand worth the most social currency."

    God you're a tosser. I read this blog to remind me how not to position myself. This may be the #637th highest ranked marketing blog on the planet, but it's about 636 places higher on the dickhead list.

  11. "I read this blog to remind me how not to position myself."

    Obviously you're up there on the same dickhead list. ;]

  12. interesting subject,

    I think those that are labelled cool by 2,000,000 people are just as cool as those that are labelled cool by just, say, 2 people.

    Are you cooler if MORE people think you are cool?

    i dont think so.

    Fuck, even if i think im cool and i am the only person that actually thinks that because everyone else perceive me as totally uncool, where does that leave me? In my mind im still mentally just as cool as the guy with 2,000,000 cool followers.

    coolness to me is in the eye of the beholder, you cant tangibly associate any material worth to cool.

  13. I'm a local student, go to the same uni as you probably done some of the same classes as you at the same time.
    While I dont think your the social media expert, people claim you are. You've done prety well for yourself.
    You're no marketing genius but power to ya for actually trying.

    Then again, most genius' are'nt cool anyway.
    Ok break over back to brand management cramming

  14. @ Daniel

    Thanks mate and I'd agree. I've certainly never used the word "expert".

    And I have to get back to cramming for Marketing Comms and Ad Management! Thanks for the comment dude.

  15. Surely the answer lies in a simple facebook app quiz....


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