15 November 2009

The Daily YouTube Fix

Just an observation I thought I'd share with you all.

Over the last 10 months, I've watched 6,148 videos on YouTube. On average, that's 20.5 videos a day. And if the average video is 2.7 minutes long (sorry academics, no peer reviewed source provided), that's 55.35 minutes a day.

This means I'm spending more time consuming a single website than television, radio, newspapers and magazines combined. Thankfully, there's no way to track how much time I spend on Facebook.

I know I'm not an accurate portrait of this generation, but I'm not even sure the above stat includes videos embedded on third party websites.


  1. perhaps you are a solid prediction for the future of 'this' generation...

  2. Oh contrair about the time on FB


  3. 23 hours 6 minutes a week on average on Facebook. Fark.

  4. Max said a year ago that YouTube is his favourite channel. As for Facebook, he just started a Mee-Goreng group and already has about 150 members. Little punk!

  5. There's got to be something wrong with that FB stat!!

    I may be stating the obvious, but I prefer to think I'm doing a "made to stick" on that number...

    that's 1 full day per week on FB... or almost 2 months (52 days) per year!


  6. Accuracy certainly isn't what Facebook Apps are known for, but if that included idle time in the background (I usually have Facebook open when I'm working) then it could be right.

    I thought it would actually be higher than that to be honest.

  7. Does that App exist anymore? I can't seem to access it anyway I try :S

  8. Your time on Facebook isn't surprising at all. Earlier this week at the Digital Marketing and Media Summit, Mark Higginson from Nielsen Online spoke about their recent Netview Report, in which they found that a whopping 29% of all online time in Australia is now spent on Facebook. And this is increasing!

  9. Wags that figure Nielsen is quoting is way off - according to their own data that they charge people like me large amounts to access ...

    In October users spent in total 3.86b minutes with Facebook. Now, total use for ALL sites (ie the whole Netview panel extrapolated to reflect AU's 13.7m net users) was 22.6b minutes

    3.8b into 22.6b doesn't equal .029 ... it equals .168 ... or 16.8%

    And I'm using Nielsen data here!! Yes the figure is interesting - but it's being over-reported.


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