08 December 2009


Two questions for you...

In a time where iPhones and Blackberries run amok, do phone numbers in commercials like 1800 INTERNET or 13 PIZZA become irrelevant?

And on a completely different topic, if I can write a blog post in 140 characters or less, such as the one above, should I just post it on Twitter instead?


  1. The answer to your first question is “no”. Depends on the target market. Just yesterday I took a call from a bloke who got our 1800 number of a radio ad. I gave this bloke our web address and he wanted to know where the @ symbol went in the address? I said it was a web address and not an email address. Going out on a limb here but I recon if I had of said “iPhone” he would have said “no, I phoned you”.

  2. The modern equivalent is probably keywords.
    I just wrote a post on it, if you're interested Zac, it's here:

  3. With the twitter I guess it's where you want to distinguish between "random not groundbreaking point" (Yes, maybe twitter is enough) and "These 140 characters will rock your world" (No, probably worth putting out to everyone - coz I don't think all your readers are a) on twitter, b) necessarily following you if they are)

    Also, it's still easier to tap an easily remembered phone number into an iphone than look something up on the web. Plus thinking up 13 PIZZA is easier and considerably cheaper than developing an iphone app.

    3g phones are great but they haven't replaced good ol' practicality!

  4. I think Marek is heading in the right direction, perhaps future commercials should just say "Google the word 'pizza'" to find us?

  5. Don't forget that just because our generation's savvy with the internets, not everyone's as comfortable with leaving behind traditional media and methods of contact. We're not ready to make that jump - not quite yet.

    On a sort of related note, I personally don't use Twitter, just as some people may follow you on Twitter but not here - have you considered cross-posting?

    I also found Twitter, when I had an account, to be more conversational and fleeting - my view is that ideas should be blogged, leaving Twitter to handle chats with readers; then again, it's all about how you personalise your usage of social media, innit? :o)


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