20 December 2009

Liking The Blue Bird

Question; do you favourite tweets?

If so, why? Personally I tend to favourite a tweet that I want to save for later use. It might have a link or something of interest that I don't have time to look at, or it's on my iPhone and want to check it out when I get home.

I don't believe it is used as a recognition tool or similar to the way you mike 'Like' someone's status on Facebook, but rather a book marking tool. I'm told there are websites where you check out who has favourited which of your tweets, but being unofficial I can't really see that being its purpose.

What do you favourite and why do you do it?


  1. I favourite mostly to give people kudos. Either I liked their tweet because it was funny, witty or intelligent, or I liked what they had linked to.

    I don't tend to favourite stuff as a reference tool because I use a desktop client (Tweetdeck) which doesn't make it easy to come back to these bookmarked tweets. I'll also add that I don't use bookmarks in my web browser.

  2. I wouldn't discount the cred of third party Twitter services as they're largely what twitters popularity has been built on. But yeah good question I don't have a decent answer however like the way you use it coz my understanding is Twitter searches only pull a few weeks of data...(?)

  3. Same as you Zac. Simply to bookmark for later reference. It's like using the star on google reader. If I used it everytime I liked a post, it would become pointless with countless "favourites".

  4. late to the parade, as usual. but i'm with you - so i can look back and marvel/giggle at all the cool shit people say. it's more about me than anyone else.


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