27 April 2009

+ Graduate Like A Rock Star #5

The last article of my Graduate Like A Rock Star series is now live. Check it out here at let me know your thoughts.

26 April 2009

+ Ich Spreche Kein Deutsch

I was going to wait until I posted something really awesome, but it's been put on hold for a while so I'm just going to link you anyway to I Don't Speak German. It's a new blog about some of the random stuff that happens in my life and the weird trains of thought that rattle through my head.

25 April 2009

+ Plotting The Australian Marketing Blogosphere

This post is on the left hand side of the graph. Obviously I couldn't put everyone up there.

21 April 2009

+ Dewey What?

I borrowed my first book from the University library today.

I am a third year student. And I do reasonably okay results wise. Funnily enough it took an Arts unit to make me do it too.

20 April 2009

+ Big Ups To My Boi Connex

I think this is the first positive thing I have ever said about Melbourne train service provider Connex. I feel like it is such a momentous occasion it deserves to be mentioned in the title of this post.

More than a few months ago I registered the Twitter account @ConnexMelbourne. I posted my email address and said if Connex wanted the account all they had to do was contact me. Eventually they did.

I handed it over without much reluctance, although I kind of wish I asked for a yearly Metcard or something now. Anyway, it sat unused for quite some time. Just as I was about to get frustrated it finally became active.

As Twitter slowly becomes mainstream, users often complain they can't see the use for it because Facebook status updates. But here's a perfect example for you after having a light bulb moment today.

Catching a train into the city on my journey home from Uni I was browsing Twitter on my iPhone. I noticed the @ConnexMelbourne account said the train line for my ride out of the city was significantly delayed.

This meant as soon as I got into Flinders Street Station I could jump on an alternate train line without wasting time and potentially missing a connection.

My one critique, it would be great to establish an account for all of the train lines so I have the option to only subscribe to the ones I want. But still, I'm happy to put up with it for now. Great work Connex.

17 April 2009

+ Social Media Strategy: Response v2

Last October I posted about two social media strategy models I had been working on. The first was Response and the second was Broadcast.

Taking on the advice of Gavin Heaton and Kate Richardson I have made some slight adjustments to the Response model. While I would recommend reading the original post, the key differences are the addition of measurement on behalf of the marketer and recognising the circular nature of this process.


15 April 2009

+ Left Out To Dry

Carlton Dry have recently just finished up an aight digital campaign, Team Dry. The premise is simple, upload a video of you doing a useless talent and win $50,000.

So far, not that interesting. The campaign is okay, not really purple cow material but certainly not too bad. What I did like was the approach taken to encourage people to submit entries. Readers of men's magazines Ralph and Zoo were told if they submitted an entry with a copy of the magazine in the video, they would receive a free slab of Carlton Dry. A great incentive to encourage people to enter competitions, particularly those with high levels of engagement.

Unfortunately it seems they have decided to ignore the submission I entered before the deadline. One email address I attempted to contact them on was rejected and the other has gone ignored. Can anyone put my in touch with someone behind the campaign? I want my free slab of beer.

If not, the half a day I spent making the videos means I have enough pent up anger to never buy Carlton Dry. Ever.

14 April 2009

+ Graduate Like A Rock Star #4

The penultimate article of the series and definitely my favourite is now live over at the Marketing Magazine website.

07 April 2009

+ For What I'm Worth

What's the deal with liability for things I say here on this blog?

If I dropped the suggestion that Julian Cole and Jye Smith do more than just blog together, am I financially liable if it is deemed slanderous? Is Blogger?

If you do sue me all you'll take is my beer money for the next fortnight and maybe a weekly train ticket but maybe something I should be thinking about.

Can my law peeps help?

05 April 2009

+ Flying Elsewhere

I've started writing for a few different publications (exciting news coming soon) which has lead to a slight decrease in content on my blog. Which is not a problem, just giving you the heads up that some of my future posts will simply be links to articles I've written elsewhere.

Unless anyone objects..?

02 April 2009

Wrong List Craig

I don't know what it is, but lately a lot of content that has had me in tears. I feel like someone finally understood my sense of humour and is tailoring productions to meet my comedic needs. The latest is a series of posters by Craig. Pretty funny stuff. But turns out the idea and even the copy belongs to Chris.

If he were a brand I'd tear him to shreds. I don't know where my moral compass stands in regards to non branded/commercial content. I'm leaning towards not cool.

But what's is cool is the response. I've seen a few online, but here are two I spotted walking down Chapel Street today.

Admittedly they weren't quite as funny as the originals (or fakes) but love the user generated responses that a popping up everywhere. Couldn't get a better high resolution version, maybe if they'd written less and printed it bigger they would get more coverage online?

But what is rad, one of these was from a local bakery who wanted Craig to to join a club they started. For ten minutes work, what a great idea for a small business.
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