17 January 2010

Yeah, Let's Pay For A Sarcasm Emoticon

So someone, somewhere, somehow had a brilliant idea. That sentence, unlike the title of this post, was not sarcastic.

The idea was to introduce a mainstream emoticon for the emotion of sarcasm. It's call the SarcMark and it looks like this... .

I mean, overlooking the great choice of name that will surely be adopted into the masses (), a problem exists. You have to pay to use it. $1.99 will let you download software that lets you use it with a keyboard short cut as you would with any other emoticon.

A great idea was surely just killed. Yes they'll probably make a small bag of money but no it won't go mainstream if you have to pay for it. Not even the micro transaction concept can save it.

And if there's one thing you don't want from a new emoticon, it's people not knowing what it is or what it conveys.

Oh well, I wish the creators the best of luck.


  1. Did you "buy" it for this post?

  2. @ Wags

    Yes, I "bought" it just like I bought the music I'm listening to right now.

  3. It's completely stupid-looking, it would never take off.

    It's supposed to be a punctuation mark, not an emoticon, by the way. Like an exclamation mark, question mark or interrobang, only sarcastic.

  4. I think it should be a font modifier like itallic or bold, sarcastic.


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