25 February 2010

A Last Resort

I think it's a tell of a struggling medium when it advertises the fact you can advertise with them. I imagine their advertising revenue can't be too successful if they have no ads to place in that media space.

You see it all the time on websites with banner ads suggesting one could "advertise here". It's also pretty popular on the inside of trains. And I realised today, that radio has been doing it for a while with a pretty heavy push lately.

Is this the sign of a dying medium, or at least a profitable one?

And how long until we see a major television networks running similar ads?

19 February 2010

The Swine Database

My final project as an intern at George Patterson Y&R was to do a presentation on the world of advertising through the eyes of a 20 year old.

And the first thing I did, was to go through the database that is nearly two and a half years of my own opinion. You would not believe how useful it was.

Although I've had some complete rubbish posts in the past, fuck I've written some good stuff if I can say so myself. And fuck it feels good to read a joke you wrote two years ago and still laugh at it.

Good times.

18 February 2010

The Question Is Answered

No one could answer my question as to what the letters B&T, the trade press publication, stood for. So I went straight to the top and asked...

And who said investigative journalism was dead?

15 February 2010

Information Is A Spam Filter

You know what the best thing about being in a relationship is? You don't get those annoying "Meet single 18 year old girls" ads on Facebook.

Upon this realisation, it reminded me of an argument I once had with a tutor. The class discussion was about database marketing, and her advice to students was to never sign up to any competition because your details will be used to spam you.

Perhaps it's the naive utopian young marketer still yet to be beaten out of me by the industry, but isn't the more knowledge a brand has about you the better?

Of course there will be brands who sell this information on to others. But ideally, brands can use this to reduce the amount of spam you're receiving, not increase it. Ads become more targeted, personalised and therefore more relevant.

At the end of the day, ads are inevitable. And I personally would prefer brands to know as much as possible about me to make these ads as useful and value providing as they can be. And by definition, they no longer become spam.

08 February 2010

Jetstar In The Negative

I've just spent the last four days flying around Australia hitting every capital city.

One thing I noticed, is that all of Australia does some terrible advertising, not just in this state.

But the other, after seeing it far too many times, was how awesome the Jetstar logo is. Take a look at the negative space between the T and the star...

Reminds me of the FedEx logo. Great stuff.

Nothing to do with what I normally write about but I'm tired and it's my blog and I think it's rad. That is all.

02 February 2010

The Happiness Virus

I'm sure you've all seen this piece by now...

Here's one somewhat negative review. And here's another.

Now I love a good opinion piece. I write them often. And I'm fairly certain that's how I fool most of you into reading this blog occasionally.

But I have to respectfully say these guys are wrong.

This is a fucking awesome viral by Coca Cola. And I can call it that because that was its intention and that's what it achieved. Yes it is probably fake and over acted, and yes it doesn't follow what some would dub the conventions of creating a viral... but it went viral. And in a big way.

The only people who are going to watch that and leave disappointed work in this industry I love called advertising.

But what really gets me excited in the pants about this is its branding. This is not just a piece of entertaining content that someone's slapped a logo on the end of (check out that link, would love to get your thoughts on that too). The video is about the product. And not just product placement. Even the current brand personality of happiness comes across.

I'm just gonna put it out there, but this is the perfect piece of branded content.
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