08 February 2010

Jetstar In The Negative

I've just spent the last four days flying around Australia hitting every capital city.

One thing I noticed, is that all of Australia does some terrible advertising, not just in this state.

But the other, after seeing it far too many times, was how awesome the Jetstar logo is. Take a look at the negative space between the T and the star...

Reminds me of the FedEx logo. Great stuff.

Nothing to do with what I normally write about but I'm tired and it's my blog and I think it's rad. That is all.


  1. Cool, I never notice shit like that.This one's even more obscure than the Fedex one coz the t and the star don't join up.

    Jet Star definitely has the best visual brand of the Aussie airlines IMO.... (physical brand dimension on Kapfrer's brand identity prism :p)

  2. How much does something have to remind you of something else before it's just ripping off that something else it reminded you of in the first place?

    That question made sense in my head...

  3. I don't think the arrow is intentional like the FedEx logo. If it's supposed to create a wonky arrow I would be a bit dissapointed...

  4. blatant ripoff of fedex. I learnt about this at design school ten years ago.

  5. Shame Jet Star haven't been able to produce a decent TVC of late.

  6. no matter how good their logo may be, it won't make up for the terrible service. just look at the complaints over at www.dontflyjetstar.com


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