25 February 2010

A Last Resort

I think it's a tell of a struggling medium when it advertises the fact you can advertise with them. I imagine their advertising revenue can't be too successful if they have no ads to place in that media space.

You see it all the time on websites with banner ads suggesting one could "advertise here". It's also pretty popular on the inside of trains. And I realised today, that radio has been doing it for a while with a pretty heavy push lately.

Is this the sign of a dying medium, or at least a profitable one?

And how long until we see a major television networks running similar ads?


  1. They already do - better to run an ad to sell the space than leave it blank

  2. Zac, I agree with your point - however, I do not think television as a 'medium' will die anytime soon. Sure marketers are shifting their budgets from TV to alternative media channels, but there is still a demographic that can be most effectively reached by TV.

    The best outcomes are probably achieved by leveraging all these media types in combination. But unfortunately marketers want to choose one over the other!


  3. They've been doing it for years! You however, do not watch television, so you wouildn't know!


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