24 March 2010

Pigs Can't Look Up

Perhaps there's some kind of metaphor there about pigs only looking forward. Because I've been thinking about this blog lately moving forward (did I really just say that?).

There's two things I've decided to commit myself to regarding this blog and my newly found source of beer money. Both of which I know I'm going to break.

Firstly, I don't want this blog to change too much, not yet anyway. I don't want it to become a resource of case studies or analysis on the campaigns I'm working on. Despite this, my next post will be able a couple of rad things I picked up on that you can do with Facebook.

Secondly, I don't want to see this blog suffer in regards to post quality or post count. But I am starting to have a lot of respect for peeps who work full time and pump out regularly good content.

I'm fascinated by the way a blog changes as the blogger changes. Usually it results in the blog dying but sometimes the blogger starts writing for a different audience, and that's not something you'll see here. Fingers crossed anyway.

22 March 2010

A Faster Horse Please Sir

I got some feedback about my last post.

And it reminded me of something my now boss Russel Howcroft once said at a student event he spoke at. On career advice he could give to young marketers he said, "Always listen to your advertising agency." As someone who now works in advertising, I couldn't agree more. ;]

So while the client might be the one who pays for those expensive award applications, and has the ability to make your co workers redundant, sometimes they're wrong. I guess Henry Ford's quote, "If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse" applies to more than just the people buying your product of shelves.

Sometimes I think I think about this stuff too much.

19 March 2010

Keep Them Smiling

When we see a shit ad, it's only natural to blame the agency. In fact, I've spent a fair few words on this blog doing just that.

But what I'm slowing realising is there's far too many reasons a remarkable idea might never see the light of day. Perhaps, as a result, this leaves us with teh campaigns we judge so harshly.

Not just the fact that it can all come down to one person but issues with legal, budget, timing etc.

At the end of the day, if the client is happy then the rest of us should be too.

17 March 2010

Playing The Piano In A Brothel

After two and a half years, writing this blog has served its initial purpose. I now work in advertising.

This week I started as the Social Media Manager at George Patterson Y&R Melbourne. It's a part time gig while I finish my fourth and final year of university.

I can't state enough how validating it is after doing nothing but talk for almost 28 months to actually do an internship and have people impressed with your work, enough so that they're willing to pay you to keep you around.

And luckily for you lot, this blog will continue to kick on.

11 March 2010

Cookies De La Creme

Well, today it was announced that Cookies 'n' Cream was the winning flavour of the Flavour Crusaders competition I was in and will be on shelves shortly. Unfortunately I didn't win the overall prize money as well.

Despite this, I can definitely say I picked up a few things here and there and managed to learn something along the way. No doubt I'll share some of this with you all at some point.

Anyway, mostly just wanted to say thanks to those who voted.

09 March 2010

It's A Long Way From The Top

One of the things you pick up doing a business degree is how fucking awesome Google are. Used in nearly every human resource example possible, Google are constantly highlighted as the number one employer of choice. Pretty much of all time.

So when you're told someone will be in touch from Google and you don't hear back after three weeks, even with a follow up email, it's a little disappointing. Especially when it comes from a brand you love.

It's not enough to make me jump to Bing by any means, but a taint in a brand you love hurts the most.

And on a complete side note, the fact I applied for a gig in their Sydney office, told my best mate about it, he applied, he's pretty much interviewed immediately, my application seems to get lost in bureaucracy, he soon after lands the gig and moves to Sydney next weekend has absolutely nothing to do with the bitterness of this post. ;]

04 March 2010

Have You Heard The Wispa?

Ahh, advertising. Despite what university textbooks and agency websites tell me, sometimes you don't need strategy. Or even creative.

Running the most basic ad in a newspaper and some good shelf space is sometimes enough.

And that's exactly what Coles have done to promote the new Wispa chocolate bar they've imported exclusively from Cadbury UK.

At the end of the day, a good product is a good product, and it's certainly done a good job infiltrating my friendship circles. And it might even be enough to get me to shop at Coles occasionally.

02 March 2010

The Bear Basics

Perhaps one of the finer moments during my internship was something I picked up on while working on a current user generated content campaign.

One video submission from a consumer featured a bear on the tee he was wearing. Seemingly harmless, this was approved and uploaded to the website, with consideration to then appear on national television.

Upon browsing the latest approved uploads that day, I quickly notified my boss that the bear was actually Pedobear, a popular icon commonly associated with paedophilia. The video was immediately removed.

Just another day as an intern in adland.
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