04 March 2010

Have You Heard The Wispa?

Ahh, advertising. Despite what university textbooks and agency websites tell me, sometimes you don't need strategy. Or even creative.

Running the most basic ad in a newspaper and some good shelf space is sometimes enough.

And that's exactly what Coles have done to promote the new Wispa chocolate bar they've imported exclusively from Cadbury UK.

At the end of the day, a good product is a good product, and it's certainly done a good job infiltrating my friendship circles. And it might even be enough to get me to shop at Coles occasionally.


  1. OMG Wispa is the best thing since sliced bread! One front end and a giant bin near the entrance and I'm addicted.

  2. Disclaim Zac - you're on the pay roll aren't you!

  3. If you're referring to my internship, well I wouldn't quite call that a payroll! And the agency had nothing to do with the product's launch. :]


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