17 March 2010

Playing The Piano In A Brothel

After two and a half years, writing this blog has served its initial purpose. I now work in advertising.

This week I started as the Social Media Manager at George Patterson Y&R Melbourne. It's a part time gig while I finish my fourth and final year of university.

I can't state enough how validating it is after doing nothing but talk for almost 28 months to actually do an internship and have people impressed with your work, enough so that they're willing to pay you to keep you around.

And luckily for you lot, this blog will continue to kick on.


  1. Congratulations, Zac!

  2. Congratulations thats awesome. Better not forget us when you're all important and stuff!

  3. Nice one.

    Good luck in the job, Zac.


    Tim - Mumbrella

  4. You suck Zac. Just wait till I hit the shelves.


  5. congrats zac! at least your internship paid off!! Some others just aren't so lucky, some of us do heaps of different internships and work experience, and still have to apply for jobs when they finish! Well done!


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