23 April 2010

Facebook Is My Constant

People often complain about Facebook's regular design changes. Yet it improves their experience on the site and they forget about it a week later. But more importantly, these regular updates stop Facebook from doing a MySpace, that is remaining stagnant until a point of irrelevancy.

Perhaps in one of their biggest revamps, today we saw Facebook introduce Open Graph. This is a game changer, and keeps Facebook relevant for an extra umpteen years. Combine that with the high investment many users have with their accounts (identity, networks, memories and content), Facebook isn't going anywhere any time soon.

And Facebook's constant changes are the reason. So stop your whinging. And while you're at it, Like this blog by clicking the button below.


  1. I agree with you - everything that Facebook is doing is making things so much easier for the user as well as keeping the website prevalent. That's something that a lot of services can't even compare to.

  2. For all the complaining that I and others do about Facebook's changes, it is almost impossible to remember the one I like a few versions ago. So I guess it is all good. I am the problem, just can't keep up with the changes.

  3. Hey Zac,

    As someone who's set up the "Like" button on their website, how does it differ from running a Fan page?
    Do you get analytics & the ability to get into your fans' News Feeds like you can with pages?

    Adam Jaffrey

  4. @ Adam

    I've set this up through a social plugin so it acts simply as an offsite page people can Like. It is intended to drive traffic.

    There is no feed set up through it.


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