12 May 2010

Gold For Your King

Generally my thinking goes through phases. What I wrote about a few months ago I may now disagree with.

And my thinking at the moment is about feeding communities content. They don't have to be large communities, and any brand with any budget can get on it. Look at these three examples...
Expensive: RedBull
Ongoing production of high quality videos.

Moderate: Cabeoke
A mate of mine jumped in a cab the other night. Instead of handing over money, they were offered to put on a costume and sing karaoke until they reached their destination. I'd be willing to put a month's revenue from this blog's advertising on that there'd be video content of him somewhere on the internet (interestingly I can't find it. Damn). They've creating their own platform to create and capture content, not with high production values I'm guessing.

Cheap: Dr Pepper
Using an existing platform and simply capturing content.
So maybe I was wrong to criticise Gatorade for this piece of content. As an ad, I think it's a terrible idea to slap a logo on the end of it. But as a piece of content to feed a community, it's probably pretty damn awesome.


  1. Gatorade. Check the link in the link!

  2. I won't say I told you so ;-)
    Glad you're still finding some time to keep pigs don't fly, flying


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