24 July 2010

Massages With Happy Endings

As a blogger, I don't think about keywords enough. Yet somehow I still sleep at night. But as Josh explains, maximising their use is important for business.

However something I wouldn't recommend is a concept called black hatting; unethical search engine optimisation techniques. This includes the use of hidden keywords or links in order to improve your search engine rank.

Particularly not good if you're a reputable businesses like Endota.

Check out this page on their official website and view the source code. Below are screen shots because I imagine they'll remove the code in the next few days...

If you're running a day spa, probably best you don't associate yourself with keywords like "mature squirters", "group multiple cum shot" or "young teens hairy armpit".

Just don't ask me how I found the page.


  1. Looks more like someone is highjacking the page for links, some what on the malicious side.

  2. What a strange find! Hijacked for sure!

  3. code is still there. fuckin' intense.
    will somebody please call endota's webmonkey?

    lucky this is your job for a living, or i might just go ahead and assume you were searching for photos of christina aguilera nude.

  4. LOL im so copying this for my webdesign project!


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